7 Skills To Learn To Make Money Online

Making money online is the hottest new thing. With the easy accessibility of the internet and advancement of e-commerce platforms, online businesses offer great opportunities, even “get rich quick” possibilities. However, to be successful, one needs to master the “tools” of online money-making.

Indeed, making money online is faster and easier if you know the methods. Online selling has its own tools that you need to learn if you want to have serious success. Below are some of the foundational skills everyone should get in order to be able to reach their target audience effectively.

1. Email automation – Building an email list is one of the first things you should embark on during your journey to online selling. Mastering email automation is necessary to be able to effectively and regularly communicate with your audience – and market to them – without having to do it manually, which is tiresome and requires effort. With automated emails, you can automatically send information to people who subscribe as soon as they subscribe as well as communicate with them on an ongoing basis without sending emails to each subscriber individually. Every new subscriber to your email newsletter gets the same set of mailings as well as new one-time mailings. Email newsletter providers include Mailchimp, Mailjet, and Mailerlite.

2. Setting up professional effective landing pages – Landing pages are standalone webpages that potential customers reach by clicking on a button or link on an ad, email, social media post, or other digital location. Example of a landing page is the newsletter subscription page or a product sales page. It’s important to effectively create professional and high quality landing pages so you can send target customers from ads to this page where you will get their email or have them schedule a call. You can use a mailing service like Mailchimp to create these or DIY them yourself using web designing or drag and drop website building services.

3. Online advertising on any one or more platform, such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, etc. There are different methods of online advertising that you can use to reach your target customer and get sales. Some examples are advertising on social media or Google and and advertising through online influencers, known as influencer marketing. It’s important to learn the different options available and how to use them effectively reach your target customer and increase sales, while keeping your marketing costs low. High level of organic sales (I.e.without advertising) is very difficult and to have business success online, you need to be able to do advertising and marketing.

4. Using one or more graphic designing apps (such as Canva) where you will create professional and high quality images for your website, social media and especially for your ads.
5. Copywriting – so you can create convincing ads, captions, and content for your website, landing pages, ad campaigns, social media, and email marketing campaigns.
6. Using e-commerce software (such as Shopify, Mastermind.com, or others) – so you can create professional sales pages which portray trust and reliability and which are capable of processing payments. (You will need to connect these to your bank, PayPal, Stripe, or other payment processing service.)
7. Customer targeting – so you can target the people who want to and are able to buy the products or services you are selling at the prices you are charging.
Bonus 1: Social Media sales pages  – Various social media platforms offer selling opportunities such as the Instagram Shop.With social media sales pages, you don’t need to have a website to sell online. You can use the social media platform to sell your products and services. Mastering and utilizing these can help you reach customers and increase sales.
Bonus 2: Studying and understanding web analytics and metrics. Web analytics is defined as “the process of collecting website data and then processing, reporting, and analyzing it to create an online strategy for improving the website experience. Web analytics is important to help you: Refine your marketing campaigns. Understand your website visitors. Analyze website conversions. (Amplitude.com).” By measuring and analyzing website, ad, and social media stats, you can make improvements to your marketing strategy, focus on what works, and make important decisions regarding your online business.
Finally, it is our hope that you have conducted your business research and product research so that you market products and services that have the potential of selling before you start your online business. Use the tips above to fine tune your online selling.
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Written by Kokab Rahman.
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