How to become a leader

Leadership is one of the most in-demand qualities in the business world.


Leaders make things happen. They help solve problems and propel enterprises forward. They connect teams and help achieve goals.


Without leaders, businesses would work suboptimally or even fail altogether.


Because quality and profitability is a direct consequence of leadership, leadership ability in an employee or independent contractor is highly valued.


This one quality can open up high paying opportunities and help you beat the competition when you look for a job or clients for your business.


So how do you ensure you have effective leadership qualities? And how do you convey them to potential employers / hirers?


Having valuable leadership qualities:

Some people are born leaders while others have to instill the necessary qualities in them. Whatever leadership qualities are needed in your line of work, use training and / or practice to obtain them. First identify the leadership qualities you need. Then use books, courses and practice to obtain them and make leadership a habit.


Conveying vital leadership qualities:

Convey your leadership abilities to potential employers, recruiters, current employers, colleagues, and industry leaders. Show your abilities through practice and communication while also mentioning them on resumes, job applications, and online career profiles.


Proving your worth from past achievements:

Past achievements are a great way to prove your abilities. Past achievements are an indication of future performance and get more attention from employers. Examples include: leading a business to success, solving a problem, or initiating growth. If you’ve made a major difference in an organisation or received awards or commendations, be sure to mention them on your resume and online profiles.


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