Here is why employers need to change how they view employees

Radeya Global Founder Kokab Rahman was asked by LinkedIn News Editor Andrew Seaman to write about the topic of recreating meaning in your work as you return back to work after the pandemic. Here is her take on the topic.

If employees aren’t finding motivation or meaning in their work, it signals deeper issues. The work may not be challenging enough. Or the work environment discouraging. Or the pay not on par with the employees’ work or skill level. Or something else.

It’s *upon* employers and management to #CreateMeaning for employees. Employees work to make the employer’s vision a reality but they have nothing vested in the organization. Whether the organization fails or succeeds, whether it does remarkably or just average, it doesn’t affect the employees other than the inconvenience of losing a job. For this reason, it’s upon the employer / management team to make employees feel valued. One big factor is money. Money is a great motivator and a lack of sufficient compensation demotivates. Employees can’t be expected to be optimally productive if all that’s on their mind is finding another job that pays better. Employers can’t take employees for granted and treat them unwell if they want what’s best for their organization. This is exactly the reason why the best organizations pay their workers above average. Not only to attract great talent but also to make workers love the organization so much they want to do their best.

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