Using LinkedIn to Increase Job Opportunities

Do you know how to correctly use LinkedIn to connect with employers and find amazing job opportunities?

LinkedIn is a great resource for connecting with potential employers and finding jobs. However, most people are not using LinkedIn correctly, missing out on a lot of potential.

In fact, for most people, the time spent on LinkedIn is almost wasted as it doesn’t help them achieve their career goals.

If you are not getting job opportunities from LinkedIn, then this guide to using LinkedIn correctly is for you.

Job hunting success is about providing evidence that you have the skills and capabilities that employers want. Employers need to know that you have the expertise you claim. Employers seeing a job candidate’s resume or profile have no way to know whether the employee will work up to the standard required by the employer or even have the necessary skills. There are many instances where people have lied on their resumes about their skills, education, and work experience.

With LinkedIn, you can overcome this issue by providing prospective employers evidence of your skills.

One of the most powerful tools to show your expertise in your career is the LinkedIn article feature.

Articles allow you to showcase your expertise or knowledge in a particular topic, industry or market.

Employers and recruiters that read your articles will realize your expertise and may want to hire you.


How to properly use the LinkedIn article tool:

1. Create an article on your desktop or laptop computer. (Article is not currently available on the LinkedIn mobile app.)

2. Write an attractive, meaningful headline that invites attention.

3. Add content that shows your expertise in your profession / knowledge of a topic or industry. This can include text, code, images, and graphs.

4. Add a note at the end of the article stating your qualifications indicating that you are available to work.

5. Add relevant hashtags to increase readership.

6. Tag your favorite companies / industry leaders to create awareness of your article.


By showing your expertise in your profession, you will attract recruiters and headhunters and increase job opportunities.


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