How Can You Expect to Get a Job If You Can’t Describe the Work You Do???


It is disheartening to see the number of people who can’t describe the work they do, not just in writing but even orally. How do you expect to pass an interview if you can’t articulate a description of the work you do?

The solution:
 Have a clear idea of what you want to say. In your mind. You should know what you want to say.
 Picture your day-to-day work (or what you need to do to accomplish your job objective from start to finish) and think of what you need to describe.
 Go over what you need to say.
 Rehearse out loud.
 Practice with a friend or in front of a mirror.

You should have a five minute description of your work ready.

To help you with preparing an effective description of your work, answer the following questions:
1. What do you do on a daily basis?
2. Who do you mainly deal with / communicate with to get your job done? Customers, suppliers, colleagues?
3. Think of your workday from start to finish and jot down everything you do from the moment you get to work to the end of the day. Go over it several times and then try to describe your main job duties orally.

Written by Kokab Rahman, founder of Radeya Global

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