Job Opportunities Are on the Rise in UAE


Job opportunities are on the rise in the United Arab Emirates. A recent Gulf News article states, “according to LinkedIn’s ‘Middle East and North Africa Recruiting Trends 2017,’ attracting new recruits will remain a key focus for organisations across the UAE and the rest of the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region.”

If you dream of going to Dubai on visit to get a job, then remember that the UAE job market is very competitive. Many people go there looking for a job and a better life, especially from developing countries. Therefore, finding a job quickly is very hard, especially a well-paying one, and the recruitment process takes time and needs patience. UAE is also more expensive than other Gulf countries (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, for example), though job availability is higher in UAE.

Keep the following points in mind:
– don’t expect to find a job right away
– don’t overstay on your visa no matter what
– don’t trust any employer who promises that your work visa will be ready in a few days and keeps delaying delivery of visa
– don’t work without a work permit / work visa – it is illegal to do so
– don’t buy a visa from one sponsor and then work elsewhere – you are only allowed to work with the company that sponsored you (unless you get a work permit from the department of labor to work elsewhere, which you may be able to after two years only)
Get up to date information on everything. You may do so at the department of labor, immigration, or any immigration typing centers.
Stay safe and don’t take any risks. There are religious, legal, and cultural restrictions and certain things are considered taboo, so make sure you keep yourself informed about what’s allowed and what isn’t. If in doubt, ask from reliable sources. UAE laws are strict and noncompliance can get you temporary or lifetime ban (blacklist).

​For information about which skills are in demand in 2017, see Gulf News article

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