Free template cover letter

Does a cover letter improve your chances of getting a job?

Trying to get the attention of recruiters? A cover letter can make the task easier.

Cover letters are an introduction to the resume / CV . They tell the hiring manager which resumes are worth looking at. Hiring managers might go through the cover letter quickly and decide whether to look at the resume or not.

For this reason, cover letters can make or break the job application.

Various studies show that more than 75% of employers prefer to receive cover letters and consider them important or very important.

This is because cover letters simplify hiring managers’ work, by allowing them to get meaningful information at a glance, thus helping in the decision making process.

When applying to a job by email, the cover letter should pasted into the body of the email and not sent as an attachment, so hiring managers can view it quickly.

Writing a cover letter does not need to be a complicated process. Our template cover letter is easily customizable and simple to use.

Plus, it is available free. Simply download it here: . Signup not required.

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