How a Slow and Steady Approach Can Help You Get A Job Opportunity Faster

Technology has made it easy to send information fast. Copying and pasting data from one job application to the next without thinking makes it possible to send hundreds of job applications in a day. And with one click apply systems such as those offered by various recruitment and professional websites, it’s even easier. However, this can actually be harmful to your job hunt.

Studies show that job seekers who applied to 21 to 80 jobs had a higher chance of getting a job offer while those who applied to more than 80 jobs had a lower chance (Zippia). This means applying to lots of jobs can be bad for your job search. The reason may be in the personalization. When you apply to lots of jobs, you have little chance to think about each job application or personalize your approach. On the other hand, when you carefully consider each job you are applying to, you can personalize your application to the job and organization and have a greater chance of impressing the hiring manager.

So, increase your chances of getting a job offer by slowing down and giving careful attention to each job you apply to and personalizing each job application.


Written by Kokab Rahman.
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