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You are Not a Machine

Do you sometimes see that you have no energy at all?

Goodness. Take a break. 

You are not a machine! 

Your body is telling you something. 

That you need a break.

Your body, mind, and soul need to rewind – to recoup energy levels – at regular intervals. This is true both during each day when you need to take short breaks throughout the day, and in longer periods when you need to take the whole day or more off work.

This is when you absolutely must


…not stress.

…not think about work or work-related issues.

The body doesn’t lie.

When you feel you don’t have energy, there is a reason for it.

Either it is mental tiredness. 

Or it is a physical cause.

And the right way to deal with it is to take a break, find the cause, and address it.

You may just have to rest for a while.

Or you may have to deal with underlying health issues.

Whatever it is, it’s important to address it correctly and not just push it aside.

Forcing yourself to continue working will cause the situation to get worse and can do more damage health wise.

In addition to the negative health effects, not resting also negatively affect productivity (and thus profits). 

The effects of burnout on productivity have been proven.

When you are tired, you can’t work as well and work output is lower.

You tend to be slower. 

You’re also likely to make mistakes.

For this reason, taking a break is so important.

It is especially important to rest well over the weekend and on holidays so you can recoup your energy for the workweek. Think of weekends and holidays as stepping stones that you use to jump to the next level of work achievement. To do more, to be efficient in your work, and achieve more in less time, you need to rest well on holidays and use the time in body-rewinding, non-work-related activities.

Work life balance is important for yourself and your family.

And now, with the winter holiday season is coming up, it is a good time to schedule the much needed break and live life for a bit.

Reply in comments to let us know what you are doing for the winter holidays.

Even better, post your holiday pictures on Instagram and tag @radeya_careers using the hashtag #radeyatalent and we will share the best pictures on our IG stories.


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