Time Management tips for busy startup owners

Time Management Tips for Busy Startup Business Owners

Like most startup business owners, you likely handle a lot of business tasks yourself. Most startups are not financially or operationally at the stage to hire a team of workers. The slow and irregular sales and revenue stream don’t require a full time team. To ensure optimal growth, it’s important to choose your tasks carefully so you aren’t overburdening yourself with activities that don’t add to the bottom line.

Many time management advisors divide tasks into four categories: urgent and important, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, and neither urgent or important.

To ensure optimal use of your time, do the following:
1. Identify tasks that are urgent and important and prioritize them.
2. Focus on income producing tasks such as finding customers and delivering services.
3. If your budget allows it, outsource some tasks to a freelancer or hire a marketing or social media agency to handle some tasks.
4. Different technologies have made work easier by allowing you to create systems and automate content, from social media post automation to email reply automation to client onboarding and work process introduction videos. Make use of apps like Canva content planner, Facebook Business Suite, Mailchimp email automation and Meet Loom to standardize and automate work.
5. Every task should bring you closer to your business growth and improvement, sales, and revenue goals. Set clear goals and focus on those that benefit your bottom line.

Use these tips to organize and prioritize tasks and create work systems so you can reach your business goals without overburdening yourself.

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