Managing time is important if you want to get work done and live stress free.

​Time management is simply about prioritizing work, deciding what work is important and definitely needs to get done. When you prioritize work, you can get your necessary work done, do more in less time, and feel fulfilled too.

Why you should identify your daily obligations:

​​A lot of time is spent on unnecessary things, especially in the information age where you have so many distractions. This can result in necessary tasks being left undone, which causes stress and the feeling of being overburdened ​with too much work, ​when the actual problem is poor time management.

If your day comes to an end and you feel unaccomplished, then you need to work on managing your time. Whether you’re an employed person or a job seeker, if you’re not getting important tasks done, then you need to stop and look over what’s taking your time and make necessary corrections to your schedule.

So how do you manage your time? What you need to do is to identify the few tasks that you must absolutely get done. These are “urgent and important tasks” that need to get done immediately. Other tasks may be important but not urgent – these can be done today or tomorrow or next week. While others are urgent but not important – commonly stated example is answering the telephone- and yet others are neither urgent nor important. Identifying and separating the tasks you need to get done from those that don’t need your immediate attention will help you manage your time more effectively and reduce your workload and stress levels. 

What are the two or three tasks you absolutely need to get done today? Make sure you do them. Writing those tasks in your planner will ensure you stay on target. However, limit writing down  just a few tasks. Too many will make the process useless. And remember to check your diary throughout the day and put aside everything else to get your important work done – If you can register in your mind the things you need to get done each day, it’s even better. Once you’re done with them, you can tend to other, less important tasks. In this way, you will be able to stay on target, get the necessary work done, and not overburden yourself.​​

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