How to handle challenges workers are facing in the post-covid era

Covid 19 disrupted the workplace, forcing many people to working remotely and others lost their jobs all together.

Most people are now having to work from home, whether they are working remotely or job searching.

The disappearance of boundaries in the workplace is a major factor affecting productivity and even employee mental health.

3 major issues are:

1. Interruptions from family.

2. No clear boundary for work time, causing people to overwork and burnout.

3. Becoming easily distracted due to easy access to social media and online content.

Here are tips to tackle these issues:

1. Have a separate space for work at home. Set a clear time where family members will not interrupt you in ordinary situations.

2. Be organized by writing down daily tasks and goals in a journal and ticking off those that get done. Make this a habit by keeping your journal / planner close to you and checking it regularly.

3. Separate work phone and personal phone. Don’t have work email on your personal phone, so you aren’t disturbed by notifications at non-work times.

4. Set a time for office work and set an alarm marking the end of work hours. Close your work computer / smartphone at the end of that time and don’t switch them on until the next work day.

5. Set a time in the day (usually at night) when you switch off WiFi to reduce access to the internet and limit time spent on work or social media.


By setting boundaries and becoming organized, you will increase productivity, work-life-balance, and peace of mind.

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