How to Create Great Content Fast

In this article, Radeya Global Founder shares the steps she uses to effectively and easily create articles and blog content.

How I write an article (Steps I use to create great content fast).

1. Decide on idea / topic.

2. Decide on working title (usually gets edited later).

3. Jot down my thoughts on the topic. At this stage, I may create an outline, usually subheadings that the article should address, in either question or bullet point format.

4. Start writing the article, compiling what I know about the topic.

5. If research is required, do any necessary research, including references to the sources I use.

6. Complete the article.

7. Do a fact check, ensuring all information and statistics are accurate.

8. Edit the article and title for clarity, language, word count, and SEO.

9. Publish or submit the article.

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Written by Kokab Rahman.
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