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9 HR Strategies to Improve Employee Productivity

Unfortunately, low levels of productivity in the workplace can lead to a wastage of time and resources. Poor time management and lack of sufficient training of employees could be potential reasons that impact productivity. They can create various drawbacks for an organization and may impact employee morale as well as efficiency.

As we all know, the role of the human resource department is expanding and is beyond recruiting or maintaining the records of candidates. A human resource professional needs to take continuous efforts to improve and boost the productivity of employees.

A human resource professional plays a significant role in defining the success of an organization and improving employee productivity. Here, we have outlined some effective HR strategies that will help Human Resources professionals to encourage their teams and boost their productivity.


1. Organize comfortable workstations for employees

If an employee isn’t comfortable, it will likely impact their performance and daily activities. There are chances that he/ she may not be able to fulfill their duties, as per their potential. It is the duty of a human resource professional to look after this and ensure that employees are comfortable. Start by providing them with comfortable chairs and desks. Ensure that their systems are placed at the right height.

One should aim to provide employees with a comfortable workstation, even if they are working remotely. There are high chances that an employee may not have the right chair and technologies at their home. The human resource professionals should take this into consideration and send equipment to help them build a comfortable workstation at home.


2. Reduce noise clutter

Any kind of background noise can be distracting and may impact their ability to concentrate. When an employee is unable to concentrate, they will likely commit mistakes or won’t be able to focus properly. Therefore, the HRs must ensure that employees are not getting exposed to higher noise decibels.


3. Encourage healthy eating

As a human resource professional, you must encourage the employees and the entire team. You must encourage them to eat healthy items and incorporate that into their lifestyle. You can even consider organizing a team lunch where the menu will be everything healthy.

In a remote environment, you can either send it to each employee’s home or can ask them to bring one healthy food item which the team will eat together on the call.


Employee productivityA human resource professional should get in touch with the dedicated managers to understand the requirements of employees. If any tool can boost productivity, it will be worth investing in it.


4. Provide them with the right equipment and technology

Many employees often complain of not getting the latest software and technologies in their offices. They often blame the organization for not providing the desired stuff. It is necessary to understand that there have been so many advancements and innovations.

These technologies make the life of an employee easier, allowing them to complete the task in lesser time. Therefore, a human resource professional should get in touch with the dedicated managers to understand the requirements of employees. If any tool can boost productivity, it will be worth investing in it.


5. Implement appraisal and incentive programs

An organization must acknowledge the efforts of its employees and encourage them to do better. Rewarding them with incentives, and providing them appraisal is one of the best ways to encourage them. This will motivate the other employees in the organization to perform well and be consistent.

Appraisal and incentive programs will help in keeping them committed and focused in their work. As a human resource professional, it is your duty to set these policies and prepare programs for incentives. You should keep track of the performance of each employee and make updates from their managers as well. It will keep you aligned and help you filter the employees that are working exceptionally well.


6. Keep the employees happy and satisfied

When the employees are happy and satisfied, their productivity is likely to increase. The human resource department should take different initiatives or plan activities that will help them keep engaged. They should plan activities such that each member of the organization is getting involved. It could either be a cricket match or a simple indoor activity. Whatever it is, it should be aimed at improving employee engagement and satisfaction. You could even consider asking employees for suggestions on what activities should be conducted.


7. Invest in their training

Instead of finding a new resource, companies should consider guiding and investing in the education of the employees. They are well-equipped with the processes of the organization. Investing in their training will ultimately benefit you and get you good results. HRs should get in touch with the respective teams to understand the concerns.

Based on the inputs, they should plan different workshops and training sessions. The guiding sessions will help them grow further and boost their productivity.


8. Support flexible timings and work schedules

The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought a major transformation in the work culture and environment. Many employees still prefer working from home as they feel there are fewer distractions and can focus on their work properly. A human resource professional should take this into consideration and take notes on it.

Instead of calling them to the office regularly, one can ask them to work remotely from home. It will keep them happy, satisfied, and ensure they are productive. If you are not satisfied with a complete remote culture, you can consider having a hybrid model.


9. Conduct employee surveys

It would be ideal to take valuable feedback and inputs from the employees themselves. Create a form and let them answer their concerns anonymously. There are many employees who might not answer the questions properly. It will be a wise decision to keep the form anonymous and understand the concerns of the employees.

You can include a variety of questions in the form and ask them if they are satisfied with work or the work culture. Avoid adding unnecessary questions and making the survey too lengthy.


It is not easy for organizations and HR professionals to have a perfect plan to improve the productivity of employees. However, these strategies can help boost your efforts and keep your employees satisfied. Show your employees how much you care about them and improve their productivity.

Written by Humantiz HCM Team


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