6 Easy Ways To Overcome The Gap On Your Resumé

How to resume your job search after a gap on your resumé 

You have been out of work for some time and have a gap on your resumé.

It probably seems like the Mariana Trench to you, massive, impossible to cross, impossible to hide.

Employers look at this gap with dislike. The assumption is you have lost your skills with time. You probably aren’t as confident in your own skills yourself.

What can you do?

Before you feel your career is ruined forever, know there is hope. It’s not as hard to cross this gap and give your career profile a makeover. You don’t need to spend thousands on plastic surgery either.

Here are a few simple steps you can take right away. Adding these items to above your last job on your resumé will do the trick, covering the gap in your career and give your skills a refresher as well:

? Take a short course in an area related to your job duties.

? Do some freelance projects (have a portfolio to show your work).

? Do self-initiated projects (with evidence in the form of a portfolio).

? Volunteer, even if the work is unrelated to your career.

? Join a professional certification program and start studying for it, doing any training programs you can, even day-long ones, webinars from home, etc.

? Teach. 


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