Why you need a college education to be successful in your business or career

With information all around and easily available, is college still necessary?

This is a question on many people’s minds.

You might hear that a college education has no benefit and only results in high student loans.

And since a lot of companies and successful businesspeople no longer require a college degree when hiring, what’s the need right?

We agree that people without college degrees should have as much an opportunity to get high skilled jobs at great companies with high salaries as those with degrees.  Not having a college education should not be a reason for not getting hired when someone has fulfilled all the other requirements of a job.

Nonetheless, getting a college education is preferable and the reasons are as follows:

  1. College increases your intellect level. Studies have shown that more schooling increases a person’s IQ levels. And greater intelligence means greater ability to understand complex world issues and having greater business acumen. These skills result in better life and financial decisions.
  1. While college may not be a necessity for a successful career or business, increased skills are. The people who say they aren’t hiring based on a degree do look at technical skills. The problem is that people usually don’t have the discipline to increase their skill level without a formal training program. Thus, for most people college is the best option. Otherwise they may end up without the skills needed for a professional job.
  1. College gives you various life skills such as networking and relationship building, teamwork and cooperation, socialization, and time management. These skills result in an improved life and career.

And while further education is preferable and there are many universities to choose from – some that can even increase the chances of getting a job or higher salary – there is no need to go the regular route. You can take a two year program instead of the regular 4 year one. Or you could study a short vocational program. Or you could take a less expensive online self-study college degree program.

So yes college is preferable and has many benefits. If you can self study on your own, a college education can be substituted with self learning or on the job training. Alternatively, you can take an alternative study program offered by the many accredited universities and educational institutions.

If you are uncertain about getting a college education, join a training program and study a few semesters. Since every little further education increases intellect, the effort isn’t lost even if you don’t complete the program.

To summarize: college education is important and has many proven benefits.

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