What AI Means for Small Business

There is no denying it. AI is becoming a big part of our lives.

Small and big businesses are using artificial intelligence.

Companies are spending billions upgrading technology and integrating AI, and according to a PwC report, every industry will be impacted dramatically by Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the next five years (PwC: An introduction to implementing AI in manufacturing).

From chat bots to robot assembly lines to autonomous robotics delivery and security personnel, the possibilities are endless.

What does that mean for small businesses, especially low budget ones?

AI can open up a lot of opportunities. Instead of hiring a secretary or virtual assistant, you can take advantage of chatbots who communicate with customers for you.

Chat and messenger bots are available both free and on subscription or one time payment basis. You can integrate them with various messenger applications like Facebook Messenger and website chat application. In addition, e-commerce platforms offer their own chatbots such as the chatbots that come with the Shopify e-commerce store.

Chatbots handle various functions. Some only respond to customer inquiries via messenger or chat applications. Others send response emails, e-commerce newsletters, and abandoned cart recovery emails.

Chat bots and AI can seem like a strange world but it’s not very difficult to accommodate in your business. You don’t need to know difficult tech knowledge or hire a tech expert.

So how can you get started with the world of AI?

Start by experimenting. Sign up for a chatbot service and use it to get acquainted with the system. If it works for your small business, then stick with it. Otherwise, experiment with a different chat bot or AI application. HooteSuite* blog gives a list of chatbots to try: www.blog.hootesuite.com/facebook-messenger-bots-guide

Once you are acquainted with AI, it will be easier to adopt greater AI and robotics systems in your business as your business needs increase.

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