Do you have the right combination of skills for optimal results?

Do you want to fly in your career? You can if you have the right combination of skills for your job.

There are 2 types of skills:

Soft skills (personal skills) are personal attributes and communication skills such as punctuality, money management, teamwork, and personal habits. Soft skills are internal and affect the quality of your work and how you interact with co-workers.

Hard skills (technical skills) refer to knowledge and expertise you need to do your job. These include the ability to use software and equipment, academic knowledge like science and engineering, and medical and legal knowledge.

Hard skills can be learned on the job, in college, or through specialized training programs.

Soft skills can be learned as well as acquired from family and environment.

Different jobs require different combinations of various skills.

In some jobs you may require more people skills while not as much technical skills. In other jobs, your work might be mostly with numbers or computers and you won’t need as much people skills.

Determine what skills of each type are needed for your job and ensure you not only have them but can convey your level of proficiency to employers so you can get the job and compensation package you deserve.

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