How to ride the wave of changes in the global work environment

The pandemic and lockdowns caused many people to lose jobs. But it’s not just the pandemic / lockdowns affecting jobs. Many types of jobs are disappearing because of technology advancement, automation, machine learning and AI.The heaviest hit are in the service industry.

As low-skilled jobs and service worker jobs disappear and the work environment changes, many people are at risk of unemployment, poverty and homelessness.
Upgrading skills is needed to counter the situation and open the opportunity to a secure financial future.

Radeya Global Founder’s books Accounting for Beginners, Accounting Software Supplement, the Handbook of Remote Work Opportunities, the Secret to a Successful Job Search help you with upgrading skills and finding work.

Accounting for Beginners and Accounting for Beginners – Accounting Software Supplement help you develop needed office skills that can help you get office work, freelance work opportunities, and even with your business operations.

The Secret to a Successful Job Search that helps you develop your mindset and skills so you can get ahead of the competition and get the opportunities you deserve.

The Handbook of Remote Work Opportunities offers tips to help you look for and apply to remote jobs

The books are part of Kokab Rahman’s Skills Development Series and are available from Amazon in ebook and paperback formats.

To buy, go to:

Up to 30% of after tax revenue from the books goes to fund refugee and needy families.


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