Back to school during the pandemic

How to handle children’s remote schooling while working from home

Tips to handle children’s remote schooling while working from home

Whether you are a mom or dad, you may have to handle your kids while working remotely.

Especially as schools become remote due to pandemic restrictions, parents have to now not only keep kids at home but also ensure the children are participating in their online lessons.

This can be a challenge for parents who need to work from home.

Here are a few tips to help you tackle the situation so you don’t lose your mind.

1. Set your work schedule so that your workday starts after your children’s school time. This way you can ensure they login and get started with their school lessons.

2. Organize your schedule so you have set hours where you watch your kids and other hours where you can do your office work.

3. Schedule quiet work during school hours.

4. If your employer and workload allows, do your office tasks while your children are asleep or another family member is available to watch them.

5. If possible, schedule your office work during out of school hours, such as in the afternoon, so your work doesn’t conflict with your kids’ schooling.

6. Make your children understand not to make noise or disturb you during a meeting / conference call and let them know when you are having one.

7. Consider installing a glass partition or video surveillance system that allows you to watch your kids while they do their school work and you do your office work in a separate area.

8. No parent is a mountain. Don’t overburden yourself with different chores. Set times during the week when you order a takeaway and one or two days when someone comes in to help with the housework.


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