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Has being in the same job made you lose motivation?

Has being stuck at the same job for too long made you lose motivation? Is your job unchallenging, has no space for personal progress, and become a boring routine?  Are you struggling to find a new job but have been unsuccessful?

Have you thought of getting a promotion or finding a different role IN THE SAME COMPANY (or a sister company)? This might be a better and more feasible alternative than to find a job elsewhere, especially if you’re working in a large establishment.

So, speak to your superior about possible options. Find out about available positions and their requirements. If you don’t have the necessary skills / training, make a plan on how to get them. Once you have your goals set out and your plan in place, you’ll see your motivation grow.

Good luck in reaching your career goals and have a happy New Year!

Kokab Rahman – CEO
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