Job Search Tips

So you’ve found yourself unemployed, looking for work. Here are tips to help you succeed in your jobsearch and find a job fast.

The first thing to do is to make sure your resume and cover letter are well-written.  Have a professional draft them for you if you can’t do it yourself. Especially if you have applied to jobs and haven’t received any calls for interview should you have your CV and cover letter reviewed and rewritten if required. Purchase our CV and cover letter writing service at .

The next step is to have an organized job search plan. Here quality matters more than quantity. Instead of sending out hundreds of applications per day, apply to a few carefully chosen jobs. This will guarantee greater positive results. You need to get one job, not a hundred. Use our Personalized CV Distribution Service you help you find jobs. For details, visit

And while you are looking for a job, practice how you will respond to interview questions. Read up on common interview questions in your job field, watch interview advice videos on YouTube,  and rehearse your responses in front of a mirror and with friends.Thinking up and practicing answers to interview questions, especially difficult ones, can help you succeed in the interview. Body language and confidence are important so make sure you work on them as well.

Once you have received a call for interview, be well prepared. Find out in advance exactly where the interview will take place, so you know where to go and can reach on time.Take everything you’ll need to show your skills and abilities, including a copy of your CV, samples of work, and any certifications the recruiter may wish to see. And try to arrive early. Give yourself time to relax before the interview starts. You should give yourself at least 15 minutes.

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