Job Hunting Survey

Are you looking for a job?
Respond to the below questions with thorough replies. Three persons will get personal career advice based on their situation.

Are you looking for a job?

If you are job searching, do you currently have a job or are unemployed?

If you are not currently working, are you freelancing? How long have you been out of work? How do you stay attached to your profession?

Are you actively looking for work? What means do you use in your job search? How many hours per week do you spend to look for work?

What are the biggest hurdles you have incurred in job hunting?

At what stage of job hunting, does your progress stop? What are the reasons and what are you doing to over them?

Anything else you want to add? (Thoughts about job hunting, your job hunting experience, advice to other jobseekers, etc.)

Good luck in your job search

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