Can You Benefit from a CV Distribution Service?

What is a CV distribution service?

It is a service that sends your CV to employers and recruiters on your behalf.

How is a CV distribution service generally conducted?

Upon submitting your details and CV to a recruitment agency, your information is distributed to employers based on your qualifications.

Does it work?
If done in a responsible manner, a CV distribution service can yield positive results. A CV distribution service does not promise that you will get a job. It’s only aim is to help distribute your information to employers and get you calls for interviews. If you have been sending your CV to employers without success, then you can benefit from a CV distribution service that works in a systemized manner.

However, the service will ineffective if your CV is not properly distributed. If your CV is sent to all contacts in the agency’s database without ascertaining that the contact has an open vacancy or that the vacancy fits your profile or specifications, then the process is ineffective.

Another factor that will cause the process to be ineffective is if the distributer sends out unprofessional or error-ridden CVs or a ‘form’ cover letter with only slight differences in wording.

At Radeya Professional Services, our Personalized CV distribution Service is provided as a complimentary addition to our CV and cover letter writing service. Each CV and cover letter client receives our highly effective Personalized CV distribution Service absolutely free of cost. Furthermore, we never use form letters or ‘copy and paste’ techniques to prepare CVs and cover letters. Each business document is prepared individually by our expert professional native English speaking writers. Our aim is not profits but your success. The result is a highly effective service you can depend on. Call us today for information.

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