A Few Tips to Make Your Job Search More Efficient

-Identify the job industry you want to work at – tech, health care, media, etc.

-find companies in your chosen industry

-go to the company website career section and look for jobs appropriate for your skill level (experienced professional, fresh grad,  internship)

-register and fill out the online application form (or email your job application if an email address is given.) (Take your time and don’t rush through the process.)

-in your application letter,  show your dedication and motivation toward hard work and responsibilities by giving examples from life, college projects, previous jobs, volunteer work, and community service.

-Don’t rely only on Twitter only for finding jobs because the number of jobseekers is great. Attend regional and college job fairs, search in classifieds, and use online resources like LinkedIn to find contacts and jobs.

-Make sure you have an impressive LinkedIn profile indicating you’re searching for an opportunity.

If you see a job posted on LinkedIn, don’t just ask the poster to look at your profile. Make it easy for the recruiter. If there is a link or email for submitting your application, be sure to use it to apply with your CV and cover letter. If the job poster has asked to reply to the post, post an application letter outlining your interest in the job and showing how you qualify for the job. Let the poster know they can request a CV. Also give a link to your profile.

Searching for jobs in this manner and applying with an impressive CV and cover letter can increase your chances of getting a response.

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