9 things you can do to improve mental health during Covid-19

Covid, lockdowns, working from home and the reduction of barriers between work and life have taken a toll on employees’ and job seekers’ mental health.


Some things affecting job seekers and employees include: more stress from having to balance family and work at home; burnout from working too much due to a reduction of distinction between work and life; stress from losing ones job or the fear of job loss; lockdown and social distancing restrictions; loss or reduction in income; and remote surveillance from employers.


The reduction of barriers between work and life have especially impacted people’s mental health as more people work remotely. Working from home increased the tendency to overwork and burnout.


Taking care of mental health is important to stay healthy, happy, and productive. Studies show anxiety and stress negatively affect productivity. Happy people are more successful since the brain works better in a positive mood than in a stressed or negative mood, says Executive Secretary Magazine.


Here are some things to do to improve mental health:

1. Take regular breaks from work to relax and meditate.

2. Have a set schedule for work and stick to it.

3. Ensure to sleep well.

4. Sleep early at night. Having a correct sleep schedule has shown to improve productivity.

5. Exercise regularly. Join an online fitness training program or use a fitness app to stay motivated.

6. Spend some time outdoors daily.

7. Communicate with family and friends regularly on the phone, video chat, and in person.

8. Take vacations, such as weekend outings.

9. Set daily goals for work to help you stay organized and complete important tasks without burning out.


Incorporating the above has shown to not only improve mental health but also enhance happiness and productivity.


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