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Career Services

Solutions That Deliver Results

100% Customer Satisfaction Rate

Clients getting jobs at esteemed multinational corporations

Fresh Graduates getting jobs quickly without difficulty despite lack of experience

If you have been struggling in your career, then our services are for you:

Without fail, we have had a 100% customer satisfaction rate in 6 years of business and have helped our clients get high paying jobs at reputed local and international organizations.

  • Career Change
  • Job Search Advice
  • Relocation Advice
  • Fresh Graduate Resume
  • Experienced Professional CV
  • Career Profile Assessment and Optimization

Even if you are a fresh graduate with no experience or a varied career history, we can help. Recently our fresh graduate client with no experience got a job at one of the Big Four Accounting firms after having her profile optimized by us. We can help you too.

Don’t be stuck in  job you are unhappy with. Start now to a more rewarding career. Contact us to find out what options are there for you.

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Business Solutions

Custom solutions for your business and career.

Allow your business and career to grow to dynamic levels with the right assistance. Let creativity and one-on-one expert solutions be your guide.

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Talent Development

Develop your potential and reach new heights.

Have your skills and potential identified, the right path outlined, and teamed up with the right connections to help you reach optimal levels of success.

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Your success

Whether in business, career, or life, we are here for you.

Radeya Global team is on standby to help you succeed whether in business, career, life, or finances. Your success is our success. Get the assistance you need to help you get the life you deserve.

Never again do you have to do things on your own or without support. Our consultants and experts are there for you, providing support and guidance to help you get clarity and achieve your desired goals.

Complete the feedback form or email us with details of your situation, the challenges you face, and your goals, and a team member will guide you on next steps.

We take pride in having:



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our services

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Resume optimization and career guidance

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Business Services

Outsource your business operations so you can focus on your core product and achieve exemplary performance and greater profitability.

[accordion title=”Business Consultation”]

Business Consultation

Get expert guidance and accountability to help you streamline your systems and processes and get the results you are looking for. Contact for a free business assessment.

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E-commerce solutions for your business.




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