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Identify hidden talents and ways to reach your true potential.

Have your business situation analyzed and custom solutions made for you.

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  • Caitlyn
    Virtual Assistant, Email Marketing Specialist, Caitlyn responds to customer queries and handles email marketing. We work with small,...
  • Sajid P
    On-call IT Advisor, Sajid is a technical and web development expert. He handled various web design issues and...
  • Kokab Rahman
    Founder and CEO, Kokab Rahman is an expert in identifying strategic paths and making strategic business relations. She...
  • Yasmina Koshel
    Yasmina Koshel Social Media Intern, Yasmina worked at Radeya Global from April - August 2016 and developed a...


  • Case Study 1
    Working on Fresh Graduate Anjum's Career Profile. What do you do when you are a fresh graduate, have no relevant work experience, and want to pursue a job other than your college major subject? This was the case with Anjum, UK graduate in psychology who wanted to pursue a career...
  • Case Study 2 – Robin Conn
    Robin Conn Robin Conn had a complex career history. Our staff went through his long and complex career profile to identify core strengths, exact skills and experiences in relation to his chosen profession, and prepare his resume. Pleased with the final product, Robin Conn had this to say: ​"Thank you for...



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