Career Rebranding: Career Direction for High Achieving Professionals

Optimize your career for success so you can:

✅ gain clarity,

✅ focus on high demand skills,

✅ have a clear career path that results in optimal use of your abilities, eligibility for jobs you deserve, and a top level salary.


Career Rebranding is for you if you:

Need help with career development;

Are considering a career change or want to progress toward a specialized career line within your profession;

Have a varied career history that hinders job search; 

Don’t know what skills to focus on for best results;

Need clarity about your skills and career path so you can be eligible for high paying jobs at esteemed organizations.


With Radeya Global Career Rebranding:

Our career specialist works with you one on one to help you determine your ideal career path.


So you can join our list of successful clients and get above average results.


Our clients repeatedly get hired by esteemed local and multinational organizations, even fresh graduates with no work experience.


✅ You get help choosing the right career path based on your goals, interests, your unique high demand skills, and the potential your chosen career line presents.

✅ Get clarity about your career.

✅ Learn what your most important skills are so you can be paid in line with your most in-demand skills.

✅ Learn what options your career presents and further training and certification paths.

✅ Have your CV custom made and tailored to your ideal career path.

✅ Have an accountability partner that motivates you to stay on track.

✅ Get regular advice and support to reach your goals so you can be successful in your new career line.

✅ Increase your confidence so you can achieve your goals and have the job and life you deserve.



Progress into a specialized career line.

Know what your unique, high demand skills are.

Be successful in getting a specialized job.

Get a higher salary for specialized work than a general career line offers.

Have lesser competition when you are searching for jobs.

Have clarity about your career and skills.

Stand out from other job seekers.

Have increased confidence.


Don’t be average. Join our ever growing list of clients getting above average results.

100% customer satisfaction and money back guarantee.

Our promise: if you are unhappy with the service, we will refund your money 100%.


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Price: only $819 (AED 3000)

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Disclaimer: 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Our clients repeatedly get above average results. However, results are not typical and depend on a number of factors including the client’s effort, ability to present themselves, ability to follow instructions, and on job market conditions.


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