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Have you fallen prey to social media’s effects, as most people? If you have, then you know it can:

  • take your joy away as you get affected by and react to what you see & read
  • make you compare​​ your life to others (which you don’t really know they are living)
  • make you feel inadequate when you don’t get positive response to your posts


There should be a time in your home when you don’t use the internet at all. In fact, if you can, absolutely turn your internet router off certain times of the day for a few hours, specifically at night.

There is no need to check your phone and status every few minutes or hour or so frequently.

There is no need to post so much either. Set aside an hour in a day for this purpose (unless it is your job).

Try to make your nights & weekends without internet as much as possible. Your real friends are those in your surroundings and you should maximize interaction with them rather than rely on online friends that you may never meet. Human face to face interaction has fallen and this is a wrong trend that has detrimental effect in society.

Social media has a very negative effect on people’s self worth, studies show, especially on youngsters. If you want to be happy, then you need to use it as little as possible.



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