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Client gets clarity about career

The client approached us for help with her career. She wanted to change location and apply for jobs in a new geographic region. We saw that her career line was not in line with her skills and experience. She had greater potential, was doing the work of a strategy consultant, but was underemployed. We optimized…
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Fresh Grad Career Change Project

Working on Fresh Graduate Anjum's Career Profile. What do you do when you are a fresh graduate, have no relevant work experience, and want to pursue a job other than your college major subject? This was the case with Anjum, UK graduate in psychology who wanted to pursue a career in retail marketing and had…
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Career Guidance Leads Raed to a promising career

In-depth career guidance and CV writing. Raed needed help identifying the right career path that was in line with his experience, training, interests, and future goals. Our staff looked into the various options he had and identified a high demand, promising career path. We prepared his profile and advised the client regarding further training options…
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