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Insurance strategy consultant profile

The client had a long, varied career history in the insurance industry, covering more than 20 years. The many different jobs obscured his consulting skills and potential. After an in-depth consultation with the client regarding his career history, we identified a specialized career line to focus on and optimized his career history. When the client…
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CV helps client land multinational job

A CV should highlight a client’s future potential. We ensured the client’s CV focused on his most important skills and capabilities in line future career goals. We optimized the client’s career to highlight high demand skills. The result was that the client got a Senior Director job at a multinational company in Saudi Arabia. Learn…
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Dental Hygienist to Clinic Manager

From Dental Hygienist to Clinic Management. Due to various reasons, Muna Ali decided to go from working as a dental hygienist to clinic receptionist and finally to clinic manager role. Converting her dental hygienist CV to clinic receptionist required creativity. Our staff looked into her profile, identified relevant skills, experiences, and achievements, and prepared a…
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Fresh Graduate Hired by big four accounting firm

Fresh graduate with zero work experience except for a brief internship, Abeer Al Hasani contacted us on LinkedIn to have her CV made. Tired of the job search process that wasn't giving any results, and a lackluster resume, she needed professional assistance with her career profile. We looked into her career history, achievements, and goals,…
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