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Client gets clarity about career

The client approached us for help with her career. She wanted to change location and apply for jobs in a new geographic region. We saw that her career line was not in line with her skills and experience. She had greater potential, was doing the work of a strategy consultant, but was underemployed. We optimized…
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Optimizing Robin Conn’s Career History

Robin Conn Robin Conn had a complex career history. Our staff went through his long and complex career profile to identify core strengths, exact skills and experiences in relation to his chosen profession, and prepare his resume. We also prepared a custom cover letter. Pleased with the final product, Robin Conn had this to say: ​"Thank…
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Dental Hygienist to Clinic Manager

From Dental Hygienist to Clinic Management. Due to various reasons, Muna Ali decided to go from working as a dental hygienist to clinic receptionist and finally to clinic manager role. Converting her dental hygienist CV to clinic receptionist required creativity. Our staff looked into her profile, identified relevant skills, experiences, and achievements, and prepared a…
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Client Success Story: Multinational Job

How did Nada go from being a junior / trainee accountant with a salary potential of AED 2000 for her experience level - as per her resume - and few job prospects in a highly saturated market, to becoming an auditor with a salary potential of 10,000+ and high employment chances in top level accounting…
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