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6 Easy Ways To Overcome The Gap On Your Resumé

How to resume your job search after a gap on your resumé  You have been out of work for some time and have a gap on your resumé. It probably seems like the Mariana Trench to you, massive, impossible to cross, impossible to hide. Employers look at this gap with dislike. The assumption is you…
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#1 mistake job seekers make

Your CV is not just a compilation of all the work you have done. It is a reflection of your career profile, a summarization of important detail from your career, focusing on items that lead you to your career goals. Just as there are many roads that lead to one destination and many destinations on…
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The two paths to job search

There are two paths to job search . Knowing them will help you with your job hunting strategy and become more successful in your job hunt. Path 1 is the resumé method. In this one, the resumé/CV serves as the most important item and needs to be excellent to get you an interview. It is…
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