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Monthly Archives: August 2021

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3 Signs you are ready for a career change

As the years pass in your work-life, your skills and abilities change. Some changes come with experience and getting expertise and familiarity in your work. Other changes come through on the job training and taking courses and training programs. Additional changes come through a growing mindset. These changes create the need for career advancement. You…
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Why you need a college education to be successful in your business or career

With information all around and easily available, is college still necessary? This is a question on many people’s minds. You might hear that a college education has no benefit and only results in high student loans. And since a lot of companies and successful businesspeople no longer require a college degree when hiring, what’s the…
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How to plan a successful retirement

How to plan your retirement so you don’t have to depend on anyone else when you are out of work. Some companies, especially governmental or public companies, provide formal retirement pension to workers who completed a certain number of years with them. Other companies give workers an end of service compensation based on some preset…
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