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Monthly Archives: June 2020

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The difference between successful and unsuccessful job seekers

Your resumé is useless if it’s sitting on the desk picking up dust. No matter how good your resumé is, it’s useless if it isn’t actively being shared and used to apply for jobs. The one difference between successful job seekers and unsuccessful ones is that the successful ones believe in their ability to get…
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Remote working tips for Post-Covid Pandemic time

As the coronavirus has taught us, no situation can be trusted. Literally overnight, people lost their jobs or were forced to work from home during lockdown for months on end. In the post-pandemic era, many employees prefer to work remotely at least some of the time. Not to mention the possibility of another wave of…
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Post-Covid19 Career Planning

You may have been thrown off track with the disruptions caused by Covid 19. Possibly you lost your job or were furloughed. Or you may have had to work from home while having the possibility of losing your job permanently during the Coronavirus lockdown or after. During the past few months, you may have wondered…
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3 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

3 mistakes to avoid when applying for work. ❌ Including the wrong company or hiring manager’s name in the email subject / job application letter. This happens all too much. Too many job seekers follow a “crash job search” routine. For weeks, they may do nothing, and then one day, attempt to apply to 200…
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