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Monthly Archives: May 2020

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Traveling to Dubai for Job Search

As the economy in Dubai springs back to life, you may be wondering if it is the right time to travel to Dubai for job search. Here’s why it’s not. First of all, Covid19 is not completely over. There are fears of a second wave - possibly much worse wave - of Covid19 coming up.…
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Tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile

Only a few people will click go to your profile page. You have to get them to want to know more about you and to know you are open to job offers before they click on your profile. Here I show you how you can do that.
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8 top businesses that are hiring and jobs with highest growth

8 top businesses that are hiring: Amazon Dollar General Aldi Oracle Walgreens Decker Truck Line Home Depot Lowes Jobs with the highest growth: Financial analysts and advisors Nurses Sales (retail and insurance agents) Customer services representatives Laborers Data entry and administrative support Managers (frontline, project, etc...) Truck drivers Source: Forbes
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