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Monthly Archives: February 2020

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Nontraditional way to find jobs

One way you can find job vacancies is using the chat feature on business websites. You can use these to inquire about unadvertised vacancies and the email address of the HR department. Since many people are not using this method currently, it gets you results. Here is what to do ☑️ Find small business websites…
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It’s not your fault you are unprepared for the job market

Struggling in job search? It’s not your fault. In fact, the school system doesn’t prepare you for the work world. It’s a well known fact that a degree doesn’t guarantee employment. 43% of college graduates are underemployed in their first job and most continue to remain underemployed for many more years. This means you, like…
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80% of hiring managers consider thank you letters when hiring people

Not getting the job despite a positive interview? Writing a simple brief thank you letter after the interview can make the difference. Studies show that 80% of hiring managers consider thank you letters when making their final hiring decision and 20% of recruiters and hiring managers will automatically dismiss a job candidate if they don’t…
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