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Monthly Archives: January 2020

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Here is what to do to be successful in life

How you can make sure you are of those who succeed? Only about 2% of the population achieve massive success. The rest live average or below average lives. Why is that? Why are the majority unsuccessful? There are two reasons: 1. they aren’t willing to put in the work 2. there environment does not support…
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Midlife career change advice: It’s never too late to change careers

Midlife career change advice: It’s never too late to change careers Are you in your midlife and considering changing careers? Are you thinking it’s too late or that you might be unsuccessful and the move will backfire. Don’t. It’s never too late to change careers. Regardless, there are some things you need to do to…
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Tips to improve your job search

Make your CV stand out from others. Here’s how: ? Convey important information fast. ? Don’t clutter the CV with too much information. ? Use a professional design that has plenty of spaces between lines, paragraphs, sections. ? Focus on your latest job description the most. ? Match your skills to those required for the…
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Considering a job in Dubai? Is it worth it?

The UAE job market is enticing. But is the job you are offered worth it? Compared to other Gulf countries, UAE cost of living - especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi - is much higher. Whereas a 2-bedroom apartment might cost 10,000 Dirhams per month or more in UAE, in other GCC countries, it is half that…
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