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Do you have the right combination of skills for optimal results?

Do you want to fly in your career? You can if you have the right combination of skills for your job. There are 2 types of skills: Soft skills (personal skills) are personal attributes and communication skills such as punctuality, money management, teamwork, and personal habits. Soft skills are internal and affect the quality of…
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Unemployed? It doesn’t mean the end of the world.

Being out of work for a long time can negatively affect your job search. Employers ​​might wonder if you still have the skills needed to do the job. Since jobs are constantly evolving and skills needed to do the same job changing, it is highly likely that
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You are Not a Machine

Do you sometimes see that you have no energy at all? Goodness. Take a break.  You are not a machine!  Your body is telling you something.  That you need a break. Your body, mind, and soul need to rewind - to recoup energy levels - at regular intervals. This is true both during each day…
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Knowing your worth is the first step to getting the job you want

Have you been asked about your previous salary and wonder how to answer the question? Maybe you were told you would get a certain salary based on your current salary. The issue is that employees are not assertive enough. Employees going for job interviews act as if they're asking for some favor.  This is not…
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