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Current Job Title: Job Seeker @ Self Employed

"Job Seeker @ Self Employed" It was kind of funny reading this job title. So I guess the description would be equally funny: Responsible for... • Updating resumé and portfolio. • Searching for and applying to suitable jobs • Speaking to potential employers and recruiters • Attending interviews and networking events • Conducting phone and…
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Here is why choosing the right career is important

Does your job make you happy? Here are a few ways not having the right job affect your career and happiness: ❗️You do the bare minimum required of your job. This can have a detrimental effect on your career because you are not able to progress or do outstanding work. ❗️You lose the chance of…
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Is Social Media Controlling Your Happiness

Have you fallen prey to social media’s effects, as most people? If you have, then you know it can: take your joy away as you get affected by and react to what you see & read make you compare​​ your life to others (which you don’t really know they are living) make you feel inadequate…
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