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The Importance of Professional Business Etiquette

The Importance of Professional Business Etiquette One thing I’ve noticed is that majority of employees don’t interact with clients / customers in a professional manner. This has a very bad impression on customers and makes it seem like one isn’t dealing with professional businesspersons but laypersons! This is true whether the contact is through face-to-face…
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How to assess the competency of job applicants

Having trouble knowing whether an applicant is qualified for the job he/she is applying for? Below are some guidelines you can use: You should have a standard to which you can compare job applicants. One method might be to make a checklist of the attributes the employee should have and then to check how many…
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A Few Tips to Make Your Job Search More Efficient

-Identify the job industry you want to work at - tech, health care, media, etc. -find companies in your chosen industry -go to the company website career section and look for jobs appropriate for your skill level (experienced professional, fresh grad,  internship) -register and fill out the online application form (or email your job application…
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