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Client Success Story: Multinational Job

How did Nada go from being a junior / trainee accountant with a salary potential of AED 2000 for her experience level - as per her resume - and few job prospects in a highly saturated market, to becoming an auditor with a salary potential of 10,000+ and high employment chances in top level accounting and financial consultancy organizations?

When Nada contacted us, her apparent career profile was not impressive.

But we saw it could be improved.

We advised her to get some current experience and training. Some of the options we advised her on:
• taking an accounting software course,
• doing self initiated projects, and
• starting freelance accounting work.

We identified one overlooked aspect of her career, which was the work she was doing as a freelancer. The work entailed advanced financial analysis tasks and report writing skills. This was work she had experience in and enjoyed doing.

And thus, after multiple communications, we restructured her profile and optimized her resume for her new career line.

We incorporated her skills and experience she had gotten from her freelance work, focusing on the details that would help her make the most of her career.

Within months, Nada got a job at the multinational company Crowe Mak.

She is now a LinkedIn Premium member, enjoying her career.

We are happy to receive news of the successes of our clients.

If you are unhappy with your career, we can help you too. Through our in-depth communication, via email and / or phone, we can identify missed and hidden skills and help you reach your true potential.

Whether you need help developing your career or resume optimization, we can help you.

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