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We are happy to be partnering with various organizations, colleges, and charities to provide our services to a larger number of people.


Educational institutions

We partnered with Al Ahlia University in Bahrain to provide resources to their students and graduates at the Al Ahlia University Annual Job Fair.


We are partnering with homeless charities to provide career resources to the homeless to help the homeless people improve their circumstances and overcome homelessness.

The National Alliance to End Homelessness states that homelessness is usually the cause of an income insufficiency, and the majority of people that get out of homelessness do so through increased income from employment.

It is known that obtaining employment and increasing work skills improve income potential, help end homelessness, and raise standards of living.

Recently we partnered with the Homeless Period to make available career resources to homeless people including our Career Guide, Template Cover Letter and Handbook of Remote Work Opportunities.



We partnered with Shelterbox charity to provide career resources to homeless and disadvantaged people.


We offer a free resources kit for charity organizations, homeless support groups, and educational institutions. Email for our free resources kit.

For details on how you can partner with us, email  with details  of your organization and your website, social media, etc.






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