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Media Mentions

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From receiving international awards to being mentioned in major publications like Entrepreneur, Radeya Global is recognized as a global leader of quality and innovation.


With a focus on providing unparalleled quality and customer support to our clients, Radeya Global has received several awards and mentions in the news.

2021 Awards

Business Management Consultancy of the Year


2019 Awards

Best Talent Development Specialist Award 2019

Innovation in Business Management Solutions Award 2019

Most Trusted in Business Consultation Services 2019

2018 Awards

Best Business Admin Support Services Provider 2018

CV Magazine’s Most Innovative Business Solutions Provider - UAE

Recognized for Total Quality Management

Recognized by Harvard Business School Social Enterprise Initiative as an Interesting Social Enterprise

In the news

Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine:
Radeya Global Founder is a Contributor for Entrepreneur
Make an Empire, Not a Business

Featured in Billion Success:
Interview with Kokab Rahman, Founder of Radeya Global

Featured in Nonfiction Author's Association Blog:
How do you locate speaking opportunities

Featured in
The Right Way to Use Networking to Find a Job
How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in Dubai

Featured in
59 Cures for Writer's Block

Featured in Emirates 24/7:
How to accomplish a career change
How to look for a job in Dubai on Visit visa
How to ensure your resume gets read

Featured in BizBahrain Magazine:
Radeya Global Backstory: What led to the start of Radeya Global in Bahrain

Featured in CEO Blog Nation:
21 Entrepreneurs explain the hack that make them successful

Featured in Fairygodboss:
Experts discuss ways to avoid job scams

Featured in The Ladders:
Job scams are on the rise. Here are 9 ways to avoid them, according to experts.

Featured in Gulf News


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