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What kind of employees do bosses look for?

What kind of employees are bosses looking for, especially during the current pandemic / lockdown phase? Many people lost their jobs during the pandemic and are looking for new jobs. This gives rise to the need for standing out from others even more as you struggle to secure a job that fulfills your needs and…
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This secret will help you find jobs others don’t know about

Companies don’t advertise jobs for months, even years. This is the perfect time to get those jobs. Jobs advertised publicly, via recruiters or classifieds, are more difficult to obtain because the competition is so much greater. There are many people applying to those jobs. Sometimes hundreds or even thousands. Even if you are the best…
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The one thing job seekers are doing wrong when applying for work

Job search is about impressing the hiring manager. It is about having your job application stand out from other job seekers applying for the same job. As a job seeker, you should do whatever makes your employment application stand out, convey your potential, and impress the recruiter. It’s important to innovate. And not many people…
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