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The number 1 thing you need to make your resumé stand out

What makes a resumé stand out, you ask. From our experience with the thousands of resumés and cover letters we receive, it is the cover letter, not the resumé, that makes one job applicant more impressive than another. This is because, to get to the resumé, the hiring manager needs to pass the cover letter.…
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Here is how to turn the coronavirus economic downturn to your advantage

Millions of people have had their jobs affected, businesses have closed, and many more people will be jobless in coming weeks. You may have become affected by the economic problems brought by the Chinese coronavirus. At best, your work may have temporarily stopped due to compulsory lockdown and quarantines. At worst, you may have completely…
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Nontraditional way to find jobs

One way you can find job vacancies is using the chat feature on business websites. You can use these to inquire about unadvertised vacancies and the email address of the HR department. Since many people are not using this method currently, it gets you results. Here is what to do ☑️ Find small business websites…
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