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How long should a resumé be?

How long should a resumé be? If you’ve been bothered by this question, you’re not alone. It’s something many job seekers struggle with as they try to squeeze as much detail into just one or two pages. However, your resume length is not the most important thing. While a one or two page resumé is…
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Want to make your home office space more appealing? Read this.

Tips to make your remote work space more pleasant in the post-pandemic era There are many articles on how to make your remote working and remote collaboration more effective. But something you may have missed is that your environment affects your productivity. Since many employees had to spend much of their work time working from…
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The difference between successful and unsuccessful job seekers

Your resumé is useless if it’s sitting on the desk picking up dust. No matter how good your resumé is, it’s useless if it isn’t actively being shared and used to apply for jobs. The one difference between successful job seekers and unsuccessful ones is that the successful ones believe in their ability to get…
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