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What makes a good CV

What makes a good CV. You want to impress the hiring officer. You have one chance with your CV and cover letter. Should you send an extremely well-written, precise CV that has the look and feel of a professional? Or should you send an unprofessional compilation of your education and experience, in whatever format you…
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The Simple 3-Step Process to Getting a Job

Most people approach job search wrong. Applying for the job is the last step in your job search process (pre-interview stage). A lot of people consider it the first. Which is why people fail to make the impression required. So, if you want to get a job, you need to change your approach.  The following…
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The real reason you cannot find suitable work

Having trouble in your job search? Most of the time it has to do with an inefficient profile, the inability to articulate one’s skills correctly. If this is the case with you, you know you have skills but are not getting the right jobs, we can help. Send an email with your email address, current…
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