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Executive Career Optimization

Career Direction For High Achieving Professionals

Looking for a career change? Start on the path to a career you are passionate about. Optimize your career for a specialized position: improve employment chances and set yourself apart from the competition; Get a higher salary based on your unique, specialized skills; focus on high demand skills within your industry and profession; Learn how to effectively convey your skills and position yourself so you can be eligible for high level jobs with organizations that value your skills. Through this personalized service:

  • Get help to identify your ideal career and embark toward a profession you are passionate about
  • Increase your worth by clearly defining your skills and focusing on key performance skills
  • Increase salary potential by focusing on in-demand performance skills
  • Learn how to position yourself so you can be eligible for high quality jobs with organizations that value your skills
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Other services

Portfolio Preparation

Have a high quality work portfolio custom made. Impress hiring managers and potential employers with a high quality portfolio that conveys your skills and achievements. Covers work achievements as well as academic and freelance achievements. Mail in your portfolio with your resume to convince recruiters you are the right candidate for the job. One of a kind portfolio sets you apart from the competition and gets you ahead of other job candidates.

Experience and Cover Letter Writing Service

High quality custom made cover letter and job experience letter to convey your skills and impress hiring managers. Free Template Cover Letter you can edit yourself and use to apply for jobs. Say goodbye to struggling with composing an effective job application letter. Get the Template Cover Letter free or have a Custom Cover Letter professionally written by expert career writers.


Custom Resume Writing

High quality professional resume writing service to convey your skills and show you are the right candidate for the job. Have a custom made CV that increases your chances of getting a job and improves job search results.

Each CV is individually made and adheres to the highest professional resume writing standards.

Job Alerts

Monthly job alerts to help you find the job you are qualified for. Free bonus job leads to our resumé writing and career services clients. Get jobs that match your expertise and job and career preferences. Never have trouble finding suitable jobs. Our expert recruitment consultants do the job for you.


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