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Our specialized service is designed to help you reach your true career potential. We work with you one-on-one to prepare your personal positioning statement that you will use both in job applications and interviews; give you suggested jobs and companies that match your profile; assist with what to say in interviews, providing the backbone. In short, we ensure you get the job you are qualified for, with the employer, working conditions, and salary package that are right for you.

Our motto is: Why Earn Less When You Can Earn More?

We help you to:

You get the highest quality career and job search advice. Be sure to discuss your concerns with your consultant to get the most out of our services. Some of the things you get insight to:

In addition, you get a fabulous CV and cover letter to facilitate your job search.

Only for those who are serious about their career.

So, don't put your career on hold. The opportunity cost of not getting a job with the salary you want is equivalent to the salary you miss multiplied by the number of months you are out of work, in addition to loss of skills!

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To purchase, choose your professional level from the drop-down menu and proceed to checkout. If you are unsure what your experience level is, select the closest one. You can discuss with your consultant later regarding your professional level, the type of work that is right for you based on your experience level, and the career package that is most suitable.

We guarantee results and are pleased to say we have a track record of exceeding client expectations.

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What career package is for you?

If you know what job is you are applying for and can apply on your own, but need quality documents that guarantee positive results, then our Personalized CV & Cover Letter Writing package is right for you.

If you need help identifying the career path that is right for you as well as a fabulous CV and cover letter, then our Career Guidance Service package is right for you.

If you need assistance with finding the right job that is in line with your skills and qualifications, then our Career Solutions package is for you.

Choose the package that is right for you and land your dream job today. We work with you one-on-one to ensure you get the best quality service and are on the path to a fulfilling career. For more details and to purchase, see

Terms & Conditions

In order for your job hunt to be successful, it is necessary for you to be present in the country where you area pplying for work. Our guarantees do not stand in the event that you are out of the country

Please note that work duties contrary to Islamic rules or related to items that are Islamically forbidden will not be accepted. Examples include: work related to dance studios; music classes; dealing with alcoholic beverages; pubs; dating centers or dating websites; gambling; etc. If you are unsure whether your document will be accepted for preparation / distribution, please inquire in advance by emailing

Personalized CV & Cover Letter Writing

Your CV and cover letter are professionally rewritten so that they clearly and thoroughly convey your skills and match your qualifications with the job you are applying for. Each CV is individually crafted and tailored to your unique career needs. No two CVs we prepare are alike.

Your CV and cover letter are guaranteed to:

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Career Guidance Service

Quality career guidance to set you on the path to career success

Don't know what career path to follow? Struggling to figure out what job is right for you based on your interests, qualifications, and future goals?

Then our Career Guidance service is for you. With Career Guidance, you get help with identifying the career path for you as well as having a CV and cover letter tailored to your chosen career line. Be sure to discuss your concerns with your consultant to get the most out of our services.

You get answers to questions such as:

Cover Letter + CV Distirbution Service

Package includes:

Note: Does not including CV writing service.

Have a fantastic experience letter personally made!

Get ahead in your career with a personalized work experience letter personally made, consisting of the most important information about your job duties, your skills, and your accomplishments.

Only $99 USD

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